“Sessions with Math Master have been enjoyable and creative learning experiences that hone my mathematical skills while providing a warm atmosphere of friendship. I find it a delight to be in the company of Budhinath Uncle and Kalyani Aunty, two of the greatest and most distinguished scholars of the mathematics and science that I have ever come across. Every week I look forward in earnest to classes with Aunty and Uncle, marveling at how they softly nurture students into fine young Mathematicians, their care and undivided attention, and the strict sense of dedication and progress that they retain. I find now, through my experience with Math Master, that my accomplishments in the field of mathematics are due entirely to them. The title Math Master is therefore precise, as they are truly Masters of Math.”

– A.P.;  Northborough, MA


“Math Master, simply put, made my senior year of high school much bearable. I was able to experience Math Master in one-on-one and group settings; both were very professional and helpful. I first used Math Master as a resource to help in my AP Chemistry course. I learned how to adequately prepare for assessments as well as gain a more in depth understanding of the material. In half of term, I was able to increase my grade in Chemistry by a full letter grade. Then I started to use Math Master to help in three subjects – physics, statistics and calculus. I took all of these subjects at the AP level and what whenever I had a question I got a solid answer.

Math Master does not only offer tutoring for specific courses but for standardized tests as well. I was able to experience preparation for standardized tests because of group sessions. I notices when a student had a question he or she was provided with help at arriving at the answer, not simply given the answer. But after that, the student was asked another question with some connection to his or her original inquiry in order to make sure that he or she grasped the concepts.

I am very fortunate to have been put in contact with Math Master. I have busy schedule and they are very flexible. I would recommend to ANY student who could use tutoring in any math or science subject because it will be beneficial.”

           – M.W.; Northborough, MA


“After being with the Math Master program for 4 years, I can attest to the width of the scope of tutelage available for students going to Mr. and Mrs. Padhy. I came seeing help for my math homework but left with guidance for math, science, English, AP classes, SATs, and even college planning. They carefully instructed me in all these areas while maintaining a smile. I believe that the title of Math Master is not sufficient for these virtuos, as they are truly are masters of much more.”

– A.S.; Shrewsbury, MA


“I was nervous about taking the SATs but sessions with Math Master really helped me to alleviate my feelings of nervousness. Uncle and Aunty are really devoted to teaching the students, and they provide a soothing atmosphere to learn in. Their steadfast resolve to bring the best in every student of theirs is really admirable, and it has been a joy to be a part of this program.”

– D.M.;    Shrewsbury, MA


“Dear Uncle and Aunty,

                Thank you very much for everything you have done for me. Whatever I am today is because of you. Both of you helped me through these last two years of my life with so much love and affection. I will always be grateful for that. I hope that I will continue to successes with your blessings. Thanks again.


– S.R.;    Shrewsbury, MA


“Dear Uncle and Aunty,

                Thank you so much for all your help over the past few years – your mentoring has far exceeding the realm of academics. I hope you have a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Year. We all know you deserve no less!”

– P.M.; Shrewsbury, MA


“Hi Budhinath Uncle!

The Math Master program helped me get better scores on my SATs by showing me exactly what my weakness were and helping me improve them. I knew before I took the SATs that I would need help, especially in the English sections, and this program definitely helped me improve both the details of each section and my test taking skills in general. Most importantly, though, I had a lot of fun learning how to solve interesting math problems or new vocabulary with the whole group while at the same time getting personal attention I needed.”

– M.A.;        Boxborough, MA


“Trying to learn AP Calculus on your own is a great idea. Taking the AP Test on your own is not. Thanks to Budhinath Uncle, I was able to get a 5 on my BC Calculus AP exam my junior year. Without him, I would still be taking that exam…”

– A.A;        Boxborough, MA


“Hi Budhinath Uncle,

                Math was never my forte. I vividly recall the appalling seventh grade report card that ushered me into the haven of Math Master. For over 5 years, the tutelage of Budhinath Uncle and Kalyani Antu has worked to dissolve my insecurities about math and empowered me to feel confident about the subject. Whether in a group or private setting, they provided me with the tools to tackle anything from middle school algebra to SAT math and the confidence to test well.”

– I.P.;      Northborough, MA


“I started attending Budhinath Sir’s class about two months ago to prepare for the GRE test. I started seeing improvements immediately after a few practice tests. I’ve seen how Budhinath Sir assesses the strengths and weaknesses of each student and helps them to improve on their weak areas. He did the same in my case and I’ve seen fantastic improvements in areas that I was weak earlier.

                Budhinath Sir definitely has solid experience and teaching skills. My practice test scores are twice as good as they were two months ago and I’m confident.”

– P.N.; Electrical Engineer, GRE student,     Shrewsbury, MA


“October strikes the PSAT time and I was scared to death. I felt lost, confused, and helpless. I felt I was going to break down mentally. I needed some help to assure myself that I would do fine, that’s when Uncle Budhinath and Aunty Kalyani came. With their confident strut and warm smile, they introduced me to Math Master. They taught me tricks that were so ingenious I wished I had come sooner. They built up my confidence and assured me I would do fine. Now I feel ready to take on the world, not just the PSAT, and all thanks to Uncle Budhinath and Aunty Kalyani.”

– D.M.; Shrewsbury, MA


“In the few months that have been in the tutelage of the Math Master, I have learned so much and now I am almost ready for the PSAT. In the beginning of the summer when I decided that I would take the PSAT, I was nervous and unsure of how I would get ready for it. But now I feel that because of Budhinath Uncle and Kalyani Auntie and their helpfulness and clever ways of solving problems. I believe I can get a perfect score on the PSAT. This would not be possible without Uncle and Aunty because I would never have worked as hard in the summer without them. Now I, like so many of other students , feel confident that anything I have to learn along the way will be easier and more fun, and I will be ready for it with the help of Uncle and Aunty.”

– R.V; Westborough, MA

“This class has definitely improved my math skills. I not only get what I’m doing, but I enjoy what I’m doing. Coming into this class I did not have a strong interest for math, but Auntie showed me how interesting math truly is. I am lucky to be a part of this class because now I know I will do good on the SATs!”

– M.T.; Southborough, MA

“This class is great! Ever since I started coming here in 6th grade I always have done better in school! I learn so much every time I come here. I feel more confident in tests, quizzes and feel more prepared for SATs!”

-J.P.; Shrewsbury, MA


“This class has helped me improve my math skills. It also taught me shorter ways to solve big equations.”

– A.P.; Millbury, MA

“This class is awesome! Thanks to this class I understand math concepts much better!”

– N.M.; Shrewsbury, MA

“Math Master helps me understand things better. In the school I’m able to do things before teacher explains it. The little tricks Auntie and Uncle taught me allow me to do a lot of problems without using a calculator. It’s not a boring class, so I actually pay attention and I’m ahead in my class.”

– S.N.; Shrewsbury, MA

“I’m ahead of everyone in my class. I understand things better. I get practice in weak areas. I learn things so that I will be ready when they show up in school. I like the fact that I can learn things that will prepare me for SATs. This class can help me get an A in math. This class will help me get into the Math Olympiad at school. Here I’ve teachers who are dedicated to making sure their students understand what is being taught.”

– A.K.; Shrewsbury, MA

“This math class is for people who are motivated to learn and is also for people who are interested in math. The teachers here are nice and kind and help you with your needs. Besides math you can learn Science, English and social studies. Kalyani Aunty is a very good teacher and is always there to guide you!”

– N.N.; Southborough, MA